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So this is the page describing myself. Frankly I don't think you can find out everything about me here. The best way is still you meet me in person. Anyway I'll try to provide you with some brief information here.
If I'm asked to introduce myself in 1 minute, this would probably be what I'm going to say, and would be suitable here as well:

My name is Victor. and I like interesting things. I have a wide range of interests and I'd love to explore yet more possibilities. Magic is by far my favorite as it not only brings forth extraordinary moments but also amuses others. Don't stereotype me to a geek or nerd from my major, though I do love gadgets and high-tech stuff, I'm actually talkative and interesting. I don't have a specific idol but I do admire people with intelligence and humor. As a left-handed person I do have some design senses that people usually think a lefty has, while as a science graduate I've developed logical ways of reasoning. So in a way I believe I enjoy many of the advantages from both sides.


I was born, raised and received education in Hong Kong. Right now I'm pursuing my PhD in the University of Waterloo, Canada. No one could have imagined this drastic yet fascinating change of life, eh?

p.s. Interested in knowing more? Click [here] =).

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